KaBaret Cavalier's are a small show/hobby breeder as well as confirmation/obedience Trainer located in San Diego County. We are a mother daughter team.  We met our very first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 2001. We have been in love with the breed ever since.

Alexandra has found success in juggling going to college in San Francisco and being  handler for Team Kabaret.

Our primary goal in our breeding program is to improve the breed. All of our dogs are considered family members first and foremost. We provide only the best health care, diet, grooming and exercise to maintain happy healthy dogs. Although we do not breed often, when we do, we strive to breed only the best health, temperament and conformation in our dogs by carefully selecting the dogs we breed to. We take great care in each litter we produce in hopes of producing a show dog to go on with, and on occasion, if there are pets, we screen the homes to ensure it is the best match for a Kabaret Cavalier. We are always here to help the new families with their Cavalier for the life of that dog.

We serve are members of:

  • American Cavalier King Charles Club (Parent Club)
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of the West (COTW-member)
  • Bahia Sur Kennel Club
  • Toy Dog Fanciers of North San Diego County 
  • Tibetan Spaniel Club of America
  • Cavalier Club of Greater San Diego (Breeder List)
  • On behalf of Cavalier Resuce USA and AKCSC Rescue Trust, we volunteer and support Cavalier Rescue in San Diego County.   

You will find what separates us from most breeders is that we abide by the Code of Ethics put forth in the CKCSC-USA and AKCSC parent club, we breed only to confirm the AKC & CKCSC USA breed standards. We strive to only breed the best so that we offer the best pup from our home to your home - you can insure you will receive the best quality, type, and temperament.   


We believe knowledge is powerful and we strive to learn more about our wonderful breed each year. We are fortunate to be acquainted with many wonderful experienced reputable breeders who are also members of the CKCSC USA and AKCSC parent club -who share their experiences with us so that we continue to learn and grow with this breed.


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